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    Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!


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    Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

    Post by Danneh on Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:06 am

    Hahah, yeh. I found these old chapters in the "new" forums. Forgot that I posted them up there. >>

    There's only 4 out of the 7 chapters I wrote though, and no, I won't be rewriting them or continuing this little fanfic. I'm just posting it up for those who want to read it for good old time's sake.

    Prolouge: Plea from the Overshadowed Land

    --Six Months Ago--

    The holy castle, Reimbardia Hostel, has been overtaken by a strange shadow. The castle's halls are filled with creatures spawned from the shadow. Amidst the chaos, a young girl flees through the halls.
    "What is this darkness? It's originating from the throne room... Oh no! Mother! Father! They're in trouble!" The girl said as she hurried through the damaged hallways. However, as she neared the throne room's decorated door, she was ambushed by a small army of the dark creatures. They resembled the Balrog, a savage beast heard of only in fairy tales, in appearance.

    The shadow creatures closed in on the girl. Panicking, the girl reflexively brandished a whip concealed on her person and began to draw in the air with it. As the shadow army neared, a small design began to glow in the air near the girl.
    "Wave Vortex!" The girl swung her whip, and a storm of water swirled through the army of shadow creatures. None of them were killed by this assault, but they were routed by the force of the attack. Seizing this opportunity, the girl bursted through the throne room's doors.

    "No! Mother! Father!!" The girl stared in shock at the sight that laid before her. Her mother and father, the King and Queen of Reimbardia, laid on the ground, dead. Between them there stood a tall man. He had flowing black hair and sinister golden eyes. He weilded a longsword embroidered with impressive golden decorations. The sword was stained with blood.
    "Behold... The fate that has been bestowed upon your world" The man pointed his sword at the girl menacingly, and vanished into thin air. His laugh still echoed through the hallowed throne room even after he disappeared.

    "Mother... Father..." The girl wearily walked to her mother's side. She knelt down in between their slaughtered bodies and began to cry.


    Chapter 1: Night of the Meteor Shower

    As rain poured over the small town of Mew, a boy ran exasperatedly through the streets. He was wearing a blue jacket, brown pants, and had spikey brown hair, though it was damp from the rainstorm.
    "...*pant*...*pant*...Dang it! I'm late again...!!" The boy said to himself as he scampered through the empty streets. "I just know Cerius is gonna kill me..." The boy made a sharp right, rushed up a flight of stairs, and bursted through the door of a small building.

    "You're late again, Herrag... You know, I really should dock your pay for this." A comfortable-looking old man was sitting in a chair across from the door.
    "Please, don't! At least, if you're gonna dock my pay, do it for some other day... I need as much money as I can get today..." Herrag said as he removed his jacket and hung it on a small hook, revealing the blue striped T-shirt he had undeneath.
    "Alright, fine. I won't dock your pay today, but don't expect as good of a salary tomorrow."
    "Thanks, Cerius."
    "Alright, you can start downstairs... The tomato seeds and the corn seeds need to be organized. Then when you're done with that, you can go upstairs and sharpen the sickles."
    "Okay, I got it." Herrag hurried down the stairs.

    Herrag was employed for part-time work at Cerius, the local farmer's, ranch. He did mainly small tasks for a small amount of pay.
    "Man... If my friends could just get their own money for building materials I wouldn't have to work at this dump..." Herrag said to himself as he sorted through pouches of corn and tomato seeds. "Oh well... I want to get this tower built as much as they do. It'll make for an impressive view of the meteor shower..."

    After several hours of working, Herrag finally finished his chores, and received his pay from Cerius.
    "I assume you're going to buy more lumber with that money, huh?" Cerius said to Herrag as he prepared his tools.
    "Yeah. We're supposed to finish building our tower by tonight."
    "Good thing the rain cleared up... Couldn't see the meteors with clouds in the way. Anyways, I want you to be careful while you're building."
    "Don't worry, I will." Herrag pocketed his money and ran off towards the lumberyard to purchase some building materials.

    "Man, where is he?!"
    "He's always late..."
    "Hey, there he is." A trio of young children were standing near a tall wooden structure awaiting Herrag's arrival. Herrag slowly approached the three pulling a wagon filled with lumber.
    "Sherry, Alba, Cosmo; today we finish our tower!" Herrag tossed Alba a saw, Cosmo a large hunk of wood, and Sherry a hammer, while taking his own piece of lumber and setting it on the base of the tower.

    After many hours of working on the tower, Herrag, Alba, Sherry, and Cosmo finished building the tower.
    "Hahahahah, it looks great!" Cosmo said excitedly as he rushed to the top of the tower.
    "We did good." Alba muttered while gazing out one of the tower's windows.
    "Eh, it's not great... It's only... what? Twenty-five feet high?" Sherry stated.
    "Hey, don't worry about it, Sherry... This is gonna give us a great view of tonight's meteor shower." Herrag said as he smiled at Sherry. "All we gotta do now is wait till tonight." With that, Herrag leaned back on the tower's walls and stared up into the sky.


    Chapter 2: A Sudden Tragedy

    "Just a little longer..." Herrag said to himself as he gazed up into the night sky awaiting the start of the meteor storm. He and his friends, Alba, Cosmo, and Sherry, were patiently waiting at the top of the small tower they built on the outskirts of Mew.
    "So? Do you think this meteor shower will be worth the effort of building this tower?" Sherry said as she sat down next to Alba.
    "Of course it will be! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!" Cosmo said as he looked off into the distance from the edge of the tower.
    "Hey, it's starting!" Herrag shouted and pointed up into the sky.

    In the horizon, several meteors skimmed across the night sky like fireflies in flight. Herrag and his friends stared at the spectacle in amazement.
    "Wow... I've never seen anything like it..." Sherry was in pure awe as she gazed at the falling meteors.

    After some time, something unspeakable happened. Suddenly, as if some obscure force were controlling them, a triad of meteors changed course and fell blindingly fast, crashing directly into the center of town.
    "Whoa!" Alba jumped up from the shock of the impact.
    "W-What just happened?!" Cosmo shouted in fright.
    "What's going on?!" Sherry panicked.

    Herrag said nothing, possibly out of fear, and simply hurried down the tower and dashed towards Mew. His friends hesitantly followed.

    Once Herrag reached the center of town, he was speechless. Everyone was killed. The meteors had hit several of the townspeople who were outside, while having destroyed most of the buildings that housed the rest. Herrag's friends caught up to him and simply stared in shock.

    Something caught Herrag's eye. Something was leaking out of the meteor. He looked more closely from a distance, and saw that it was building up. It was a strange aura resembling darkness, and it was beginning to take shape and solidify. Once the process that was taking place was complete, there stood a creature resembling a Balrog.
    "...What is this thing...?" Herrag did nothing but let those words escape his lips and tremble in fright.

    The creature vanished for a moment, and then Herrag's friends instantly collapsed. The creature had killed them so blindingly fast that nothing could see it. Herrag frightfully stared at his friend's dead carcasses. They were completely rended and pouring blood.

    "ARGH!!" Herrag was knocked over forcefully. The creature had attacked him too, but he missed slightly. However, it did manage to graze his back, but even though it was a light hit, he was bleeding greatly.

    Herrag weakly stood up and saw that the creature was slowly approaching him. Frozen in fear, he simply stared at the creature. It threw up its hand, and claws were exposed.

    As the creature brought its hand down on Herrag, he braced himself.

    However, before the creature could strike Herrag to finish him off, he was enveloped in a strange glowing light, and vanished into thin air. The creature's attack missed entirely, and it angrily roared into the night sky.

    "Blast... Looks like we got here a little too late. Only one of them survived..."
    "It is fine. The others did not have the power that that boy had."
    "But we let him get injured as well... Will he be able to survive what lies ahead of him?"
    "We can only wait and see, Cougar."


    Chapter 3: Maple Road and the Flirtatious Bandit

    "Ow... my head..." Herrag said to himself wearily as he opened his eyes. "I think I must have passed out..." Herrag stood and looked around at his surroundings. "Wait... How did I end up in a field? Wasn't I in-"

    "Wait, what happened?!" Herrag exclaimed in a slight panic. He was in an area that was completely unfamiliar to him. "That thing... didn't it kill me? How am I alive?" Herrag looked up into the sky as he thought of what he'd do next.

    "Ow-!" Herrag crippled over, clutching his side in pain. "Damn... that thing got me good... at least it stopped bleeding, but..." Herrag managed to get a grip on himself and stand. "Hey, there's a sign here... Maple Road? Is that what this place is called?" Herrag said as he curiously looked over the sign and looked his surroundings over once more.

    "Looks like the only way to go is where this road leads... Better get started..." Herrag sighed briskfully and started making his way down the road.

    --- About an hour later ---

    Herrag began to grow tired. He had been walking and traveled a great distance, but the end of the road still seemed to be nowhere in sight.
    "Doesn't this road... ever end...?!" Herrag yelled in an irritated tone of voice. Suddenly, he heard something rustling in the bushes. Herrag instantly became alert and focused on what was coming out of the bush.

    Out popped a large mushroom-like creature. It was about as tall as Herrag was, and had a large, vibrant orange cap. Although it seemed to be cute and harmless, it growled at Herrag with bloodthirsty eyes. Knowing that it wanted a fight, Herrag reflexively swung around to a nearby tree and ripped a branch off of it, weilding it as if it were a blade.

    "You wanna piece of me, mushy boy?!" Herrag challenged the orange mushroom. The mushroom roared and tackled Herrag forcefully, knocking him back several feet. Quickly rising to his feet, Herrag charged the mushroom and smacked it several times with the stick. The now wounded mushroom let out a cry of pain and escaped into the woods on the side of the road.

    Feeling a moment of rest was needed, but also feeling a sense of urgency, Herrag passed the stick through a belt loop in his pants, using it as a sheath, and hurried down the road.

    --- A short amount of time later ---

    Sighting the end of the road finally, Herrag was overcome with joy. However, he was also exhausted, and could no longer stand. He collapsed to the ground, and as much as he struggled to get up, he was far too weary to so much as lift his arm.

    Herrag heard several creatures nearing him. From the bushes, several orange mushrooms, including the one that he previously wounded, surrounded Herrag and began closing in.
    "I'm... done for..." Herrag said as he helplessly awaited his fate.

    Herrag was shocked. Seemingly for no reason, every last one of the mushrooms instantly collapsed. Herrag managed to sit up, and saw that all of the mushrooms had been sliced fatally.
    "You alright, kid?" Herrag looked behind him to see a tall young man. He had silver hair, was wearing a long black suit, and was wielding a dagger in one hand and donned a strange-looking glove in the other. He also noticed that he was wearing a bandana with a strange insignia. It resembled a moon with a skull-and-crossbones design.

    "Who are you?" Herrag was puzzled at the man's identity.
    "I'll explain later... Just come on. We're almost there." The man helped Herrag up and let him lean on his shoulder for support. The two started down the road again.


    Chapter 4: The Man and the Mastery Charm

    The sun began to set as Herrag and the silver-haired man approached a small fishing town.
    "Finally, a city..." Herrag wearily said as he let out a relieved sigh.
    "That's the town of Southperry. It's a quaint little town that gets by off of the money it makes exporting the fish they catch." The silver-haired man flicked his hair out of his eyes.
    "Hey, I never caught your name... What is it?"
    "Hahahah, I'm joking. My name is Werguild. It's nice to meet you... By the way, I don't know your name either."
    "It's Herrag."
    "Heh... I get the feeling we're gonna get a lot of use outta you..."
    "Uh... w-what?" Upon hearing Werguild's last remark, Herrag nervously paused.
    "It's nothing. Now, come on. We're almost to Southperry."

    As soon as Herrag and Werguild reached Southperry, Werguild approached what appeared to be a ferry station. He walked up to a small ticketing booth.
    "Two to Lith Harbor, please." Werguild flashed a small sack of coins to the clerk.
    "Very well. Enjoy your trip." The clerk took Werguild's money and handed him two tickets.
    "That's our ferry, right there. Hurry up, it's about to leave." Werguild rushed to the ferry, with Herrag trailing not too far behind.

    As the ferry took off, Werguild relaxed inside the cabin while Herrag stared at a mysterious pendant hanging around Wer's neck.
    "Um... Werguild."
    "Just call me Wer, kid..."
    "First off, don't call me 'kid'. And... What's that necklace you're wearing?"
    "Oh, this? It's just a piece of string. What, you've never seen a necklace before?"
    "No, I mean, what's that hanging from it?"
    "Oh... This. It's called the Mastery Charm."
    "What's it do?"
    "N-N-Nothing... Don't worry about it."
    "I'm pretty sure it does something."
    "Uh, look, here we are! That sure was fast." Werguild said nervously as he walked outside of the cabin.
    "Hey, come back here! I wanna know what that pendant does!" Herrag shouted to Werguild with an annoyed tone of voice. He stood up and chased after Werguild.

    You know, it's too bad I lost the chapters with the implied HerragxKitn in them. That would've been a BARREL of laughs. >>

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    Re: Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

    Post by Kazz on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:46 am


    this is what inspired me to make The Prophecy.

    oh and danny, *throws el-socko at you*

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    Re: Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

    Post by chibiichigo on Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:19 pm

    Whos story was i in? I think it might of been tobys...

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    Re: Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

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    I was the friggin MAN! =]


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    Re: Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

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    was I the one who created El Socko?
    oh and, this fic's title brings back memories itself.
    damn nexon for killing off the old forums.

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    Re: Oh mai goodness, what is this? MAPLE CHRONICLE!

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