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    Little Segment of Mimic.


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    Little Segment of Mimic.

    Post by Kazz on Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:21 pm

    You wont know whats going on. And some names might sound familiar. :3 (MABINOGI REFRENCE!)


    Here it goes!

    Chapter 8: Training

    Max went back to the middle of the room. He was still surprised to see how those shelfs contained so much books. He turned and turned to see that the shelfs never ended.
    "Genie," asked Max turning toward him, "Did that women really-" Max was interrupted By Nao.
    "Its Nao, by the way."
    Max continued, "Did Nao," said Max with emphasis, "Really read all these books?"
    "Legend says that she finished reading this whole collection of books in less then a week."
    Max mocked-gasped at the comment. Shane stood up and took out Zyax's sword again. The sun was shining right above there heads and the swords red edges and jade-green blade seemed to shine even more vibrantly. His eyes where mesmerized, but the trance was interrupted by a blast of magic thrown at him.
    He sensed the balls tremendous power and quickly put the sword in front of him. He swung the sword and cut the ball of magic in two pieces. The two pieces crashed and exploded on the wall in back of him.

    Shane is the main character. He is the "Mimic"
    Zyax, as i mentioned in the last post is the one destined to train the "Mimic" He is dead (WONT TELL YOU HOW HE DIED BUT HE DIED 2 Chapters AGO!)
    Max is a sub-character who doesnt have much time to live.
    Nao is the one who rescued Shane.
    Kayla hasent has been implemented in past chapters AND in this chapter but i havent said much about her.

    Ill finish when i feel like it Surprised

    Hope you like it!

    Copyright to Kazz. If seen somewhere else and is not posted by ME;on the interwebs or etc.; I WILL SUE! D:<

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    Re: Little Segment of Mimic.

    Post by Wyatt on Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:33 am

    Short, but nice. I likes it!

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    Re: Little Segment of Mimic.

    Post by Kazz on Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:26 pm

    Trivium wrote:Short, but nice. I likes it!

    well, thats just the beginning of Chapter 8. The chapter is longish-shortish.

    Its in between Suspect

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    Re: Little Segment of Mimic.

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