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    Icky's Poetry


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    Icky's Poetry

    Post by Icky on Thu May 07, 2009 7:16 pm

    Since this forum is different from the old forum, I think it may be more beneficial for me at least, to have a separate thread for my poetry rather than to add to the "Epic Poetry" Thread. I just don't want to kill that topic... ._. Forgive the "emo" poetry for now. I have not been happy recently...

    The Addict

    the poison that rots my body,
    stick the needle in
    just one last time
    I swear this is the last one.

    pour it in
    fill the void
    make me feel human again.
    just this one more time.

    the toxin that erodes my mind,
    one more puff
    just one last time
    I swear this is the last one.

    just give me my poison
    just once more
    I swear it will be just once more.
    just let me feel wanted again.
    that’s all I desire.

    I don’t want this addiction
    I don’t want your love
    I don’t want your pity
    I want to be wanted.

    So stick the needle in
    inject your poison in my vein
    until you rot my brain
    the heart is a poisoned organ.
    it was torn to pieces long ago
    but it serves it’s purpose.
    it pumps the poison.
    it fuels the addiction.
    so give me my poison once more.
    please just this last time.

    Looking Up (first edition)
    Life is looking up.
    Happiness, joy, elation
    Someone there for you.
    Smiles, laughter, hugs
    Wake up with a new day.

    Life is looking up.
    Sun, stars, moon
    Soft wind against your skin.
    Chirping, whispers, carresses
    Breathe in life of the earth.

    Life is looking up.
    life, love, God
    Questions fight for the tongue.
    Confusion, loss, sorrow.
    Tread the earth for the secrets.

    Life is looking up,
    Down, in, out
    Looking for answers,
    Questions, love, reason.
    Searching for a reason to live.

    Looking Up (second edition)

    Life is looking up
    Love makes the heart beat
    Life makes the soul breathe.

    Life is looking up
    Thanking God for the elation
    That has eased years of suffering.

    Life is looking up
    Feeling the caress of the wind
    Seeing the glories of the world.

    Life is looking up
    Wondering if the sky will fall
    As love has fallen lifeless at your feet.

    Life is looking up
    Tears pouring with the rain
    Mingling in the dirty puddles.

    Life is looking up
    Does God forgive like they say
    Or does he dole out damnation.

    Life is looking up
    Searching the skies for answers
    To questions with dispair.

    Life is looking up
    Wishing the soul to fly like a bird
    And never to land back on this earth.

    Life is looking up
    Staring at the rope from the rafter
    And down at the chair on which you stand.

    Life is looking
    With eyes wide and sightless
    Spinning like a lost needle on a compass.

    Your comments, suggestions, and general notations would be much appreciated. ._. I'll be happy to know if you even read it...
    Thanks for your time/attention,

    ~Like A Fish~

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    Re: Icky's Poetry

    Post by Whatshername on Fri May 08, 2009 4:22 pm

    So much better then my poetry.
    Lovely, simply lovely.

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