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    Well...isn't this just great...


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    Well...isn't this just great...

    Post by BarrierJ on Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:09 pm


    Well...I am pretty...depressed/pissed/confused/fucked over/angry/sad/worried/weird/complexed/puzzled by something...As we all know, me and Rei broke up, but this is not about our relationship, this is not even about her, that is said and done with *ouch*, but this is about someone else I know, here is the story:

    Well in the 6th grade, I was never looking for anyone to date, I never cared, I just wanted to exile myself and just learn and be alone and quiet...until I met a girl named soon as we met, and introduced ourselves...


    Instant Love

    She was (and still is) soo beautiful, smart, kind, and graceful. She was Over the years, we matured and we grew together and came to be (and still are) bff's. But, I have on numerous occassions tried to ask Vergie out, but I have never gotten a clear was the same old "Just Friends" crap that I seemed confused with...okay that came and went over and over and over...and never affected me much, until about 2 months ago...when she got a boyfriend. Truth being told, I was devastated...I hated this mystery guy for taking my soulmate away from me! I was sort of hurt because Vergie chose some other guy over me...but the pain did not start/end just got worse...everytime we went to lunch in Latin class she always talked about nice he was...and how glad she was that she was with say the least about that, the pain just got worse...sometimes it spilled over so much that I stormed out of the cafeteria almost in tears on numerous occasions...angry...jealous...hurt...shocked...oh, but no no no no no, the pain never stopped then either...she told us about their dates, their laughs, how much they loved each other...oh how I wished it was me...instead of that damned boy...and so a month passed and something happened:

    He started pissing her off...according to her, he is controlling, manipulating, whiney (I know...wrong spelling...but right now...I could care less...), and very obbsessive...but she still likes him...

    At that moment...she told me those heart snapped in two...three...four...thousand pieces...But I still only despised one of them...and that was him...

    ha...the irony in all of this is: I love Vergie to pieces...she is my bff and I will always be here for her...I can never hate her, no matter how bad she hurts me, I have to be there for her to be her bestie...and she is still my soulmate...

    ha...this hurts to a point where I have to force myself to bad that I have to cry myself to sleep...but...she is my bff...and nothing can change that...not even this pain...confusing...isn't it?

    (btw, me and Vergie are still and will always be bff's, and we have been for 5 years and a few months now, lol)

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    Re: Well...isn't this just great...

    Post by Kazz on Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:31 pm

    sometimes, girls just love being tortured..for some strange reason..ever seen gridiron gang? youll know what happen to the kids mom if you had.

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    Re: Well...isn't this just great...

    Post by blizen on Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:44 am

    i was gonna make somthing like this!

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    Re: Well...isn't this just great...

    Post by michelle on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:38 pm

    Love hurts.

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    Re: Well...isn't this just great...

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