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    wrote on basil last night


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    wrote on basil last night

    Post by TobiasBlack on Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:19 am

    I Look for you when the lights faded to their darkest, and in turn i was shunned by the shade.
    the ebony hues that cast overside the moon shell out into the night.
    Arms held out, open and awaiting, They wait and beckon for those seeking refuge.
    Judge me for my solitude, and my sins commited therein, and for all the opportunities ive abandoned.
    Her hair shines in the greys, and the auburn Charms flutter in my memories; Lochs of majesty.
    the Piercing of the azUre, and all the HeavenS that sing out inSide the beauty, fallen to man and his grace.
    Was it not for you that i would have Long abandoned the hope hidden deep inside.
    Buried beNeath the frozEn waste of mY heart, under barbed and locked, all watched by the keeper of loves.
    Her melody that echos from within the pureness of her heart, it wakes me from my etherEal slumber.
    It stirs a LonG since forgotten capacity to yearn and desire, to want to fight for ones idealS.
    Justice has been tossed asunder for her, and by that end all means should very well be accessible, if only to Be brokEn again.
    Yet, the Heretic i am, anD it is just another fOrloRn dream that stirs me, an ever sleeping husk.
    Lying iN the abyss, aWaiting not death, but instead lying nExt to iT.
    Her smIle, how it sTirS me to tears, and how it has shaken my very soul.
    To the cOre and to the Ends of tIme, is the very pathend that will be lead to, for her i woulD dearlY tread.
    knowing fully wEll that in her i may nOt even find my rEdemPtion, but instead, i may find the end of a dagger.
    Running through my hEart and stinging my loVe, But this is a pAin id glaDly endure if it meant to die in bliss.
    tIed up by the chains of a hindering mind and the past Defeats that Constantly rip aPart any chance of rIsinG up, Grit your teeth.
    Even by the Prophecy cast bY your hanDs and the Cards dealT, shuffled bY the misEry that dwells within us both.
    Is a fuTure of turmOil all that wE've too look ahead for?
    Ostracized by the worlds waNdering eyes, and the SerapHs above, all glare and BeaM a dISgust.
    Fretting aLl the emotions you have inside, and the cries insIde your head, you keep walking on.
    Carrying on the boulder, bearing aLL the world and its Viles, you are a beacon like unto my aspirations.
    Should noT my heaRt Thaw, i think that i would resign myself to hypothermia, and rust away in decay.
    Taking me by the hAnd, youve lifted me uP from my Listless delirium.
    words, hoWever, escape my emotions.
    long have i existed in a state of lethargic apathy, away and shunning the sun and the world, and the toll has been waged.
    Weak, fragile, bitter, and Cautious.
    Understanding of these, i will rise up, and all naught because of your nothing.
    The tower Etemenank likened you to me, a bridge that bound me to hell, another leads to redeeming glory.
    All, and i strive to walk down a one, which will i be lead?

    fatigue, madness, and caffeine... fun.

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    Re: wrote on basil last night

    Post by Wergie on Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:54 am

    I stalk this guy on southperry-

    No I didnt read it~ ^ ^

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    Re: wrote on basil last night

    Post by Danneh on Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:16 pm

    You have a windraider as your avatar.

    Of all the things you could've chosen, you picked the thing that I collectively slaugtered thousands of.

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    Re: wrote on basil last night

    Post by blizen on Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:56 pm

    lol i STILL train on his avatar F4 -is lvl 78 now-

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    Re: wrote on basil last night

    Post by Danneh on Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:32 am

    blizen wrote:lol i STILL train on his avatar F4 -is lvl 78 now-

    *level 87*

    har. har har.


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    Re: wrote on basil last night

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