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    Bloodbath :: A New Beginning - Prologue


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    Bloodbath :: A New Beginning - Prologue

    Post by Kalrad on Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:48 pm

    (I havent' played Maplestory in a long time, so if someone could PM me the names of all the locations in Maplestory [I.E.: Perion, Henesys, Etc.] I'd appreciate it.)

    Victoria Islands shone beautifully against the blue sky as it floated along the currents of the world. There was no explanation for why such a large island was floating, or even how it could, but the residents were happy, that's all that mattered. However, this story may be about Victoria Island and Maple World in and of itself, but it is more about a single man and his friends.


    "Almost done for the day." A young man in a white shirt tucked into baggy blue jeans called over his shoulder to his friend as he punched away at a tree. He had been training to hand to hand since he could fight, but his glory as being the only fistfighter was torn away when the pirates came about. "Why do you watch me anyway?"

    "Because I can, and it's funny to see when you slip up and hurt yourself." A young woman was sitting on a stump that he had made via his punching, a month prior. She was wearing a black shiftcap, a blue t-shirt and black tripp pants. "Although, you promised to hang out with me today, so I'm taking in this as hanging out, since you're so busy." The young man shot a 'ha-ha very funny' look over his shoulder, then went back to the tree he was hammering away at.

    "You know i am very serious about my training, Star." As he talks, as if to puncuate this statement, he pulled hsi fist back and threw a hamaker at the tree, causing the remaining wood to splinter and let the tree fall backward.

    "I get the idea, Tii. Don't make you angry and definately do not undermine your work." Star shot back as she sighed heavily. "We still need to stop by the warrior's guild. 'I wanna be a fighter!' or did you forget that credo?"

    "Absolutely not." Tii answered smiling. "I will become a fighter... just one that uses his fists more often." He grinned as Star rolled her eyes at him. Star was already a rogue and on the fast track to being an assassin, while Tii spent his time training hard to build up his physical strength so he wouldn't have to use weaponry unless absolutely necessary.

    "Well, let's get going, troublemaker." Star joked as she stood up, brushed herself off and headed for the edge of the woods.

    "You think I can pull it off?" Tii asked as he cracked his knuckles, even surpising himself at how loud it was.

    "Yeah, I think you can." Star said as she stopped turned around and smiled at him. "You are one of my most dedicated freinds, I believe you can do whatever you set your mind to, and lately, you have set your mind to nearly everything you do."

    "I considered it training." Tii informed witha grin as he started walking out of the woods as well.

    "Well... we're in the forest, it'll take a while for us to reach Perion... roughly two days treck if we don't take the cab." Star offered.

    "That confuses me..." Tii thought aloud.

    "What, that it takes two days to travel?"

    "No... that we have vehicles...and sometimes in places that you'd never expect them to be able to move from."

    "True..." Star agreed with a sigh. "Oh well, what ya gonna do?"

    "Go along with it." Tii responded with a chuckle. The two laughed as the tossed the idea back and forth, trekking toward Perion.

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    Re: Bloodbath :: A New Beginning - Prologue

    Post by Katlin on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:20 pm

    Interesting.. The towns and cites are : heneseys, Kerning City, New Leaf City (get there by subway in kerning city) Singapore, (get by plane in Kerning City), Perion, Sleepywood, Natalius, Ellinia, Orbis, El Nath, Aquarium, Ludibrium, Korean Folk Town, Leafre, Mu lung, Ariant, and I think that's it. Btw my name is liliy and my job is crusader (3rd job fighter) Very Happy

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    Re: Bloodbath :: A New Beginning - Prologue

    Post by Whatshername on Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:26 pm

    I think he remembers you Liliy O.o Lol.
    Or does he? F6

    It's lovely. ^^d The dialogue is very nice.

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    Re: Bloodbath :: A New Beginning - Prologue

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