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    Well, fuck, no one else to ask but here


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    Well, fuck, no one else to ask but here

    Post by Whatshername on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:29 pm

    Ex-boyfriend troubles. Watch out, people.

    So usually my relationships are the least serious things ever, the few i've had we just kind of act like friends but with that mutual knowledge that we like each other.

    Okay, so this last one lasted a lot longer, and got a lot more relationship-y, and it was generally pretty awesome until weird shit happened and it ended and i broke up with him and he got really fucking depressed and i felt like shit for causing this depression and just when i think things are getting better i pop back into his life cause you know, friendship is nice.

    the thing is, we're both part of this awesome little chatroom community and ofc neither of us would want to leave but then i find out he finds it really really hard to actually talk to me again because holy jesus harvery christ on a fucking pogo stick it's awkward.

    so i leave for a while.
    and miss it.
    and everyone wants me back.
    and then one day he goes and tells me he's okay with it so i go back.
    and now he's acting like this unbelievable bummer of a melodramatic prick and then i find out he still can't talk to me and honestly he only said he was k with me because everyone else missed me.
    and i mean i don't even want to talk to him anymore.

    the fuck am i supposed to do?
    i say i leave and deal with missing them
    every single other person i'm somewhat associated with that knows both of us is like "YOU CAN'T RUN FROM YOUR PROBLEMS" and i'm just like THIS ISN'T RUNNING THIS IS JUST GETTING THE FUCK OUT
    but anyway
    i mean i kind of don't like him anymore to the point of barely even wanting to be his friend but i mean i still CARE about him.
    i mean he's a nice guy. and y'know, he's there for you when you need someone there for you.
    and depressed erick = guilty bella = generally unhappy world.
    what the fuck do i do

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