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    Maplestory - The Prophecy Remastered!


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    Maplestory - The Prophecy Remastered!

    Post by Kazz on Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:34 am

    "This shit again? UGGHHHH."
    Yes this shit again. I was bored so I decided to rewrite the prophecy again. Im only posting up the proloug because thats as far as i have gone. Hopefully theres improvment.
    Read. Rate. Critic. Enjoy. Smile

    Prologue –
    “Is it ready…?”
    “It should be.”
    “We cannot make any mistakes with this. If we do, Xerath will have our heads.”
    “It’s ready. Trust me on this.”
    “Then do it now.”

    Kazz felt a pinch in his skin. He opened his eyes slowly, and was blinded by a bright white light. Everything was spinning and he did not know where he was or what was going on. He was cold, naked with nothing else but undergarments, and was lying on top of a metallic table. He slowly began to adjust to the wickedly bright light and saw two men leaning above him. A tall, slender man with shaggy jet black hair that fell over his forehead and partly covered his eyes had a large, slim needle in his hand, and was ready to puncture Kazz with it. Kazz was unable to move. The man lowered the needle, and injected a dark, plasmid looking substance into his arm. The injection itself felt like nothing more than a pinch, but it only took seconds for Kazz’s brain to register the pain that came after. His breathing got shorter and his eyes widened with extreme torment. His vision began blurring as the tall slender man took out the needle, and along with his accomplice, began to walk away. Kazz swore the substance injected into him was nothing but liquid tar, but the pain assured him otherwise. This pain was something clearly beyond the normal human comprehension of pain. He had never felt anything of this magnitude and his body quickly shut off. He held in his scream as his eyes rolled back, and he silently fell into unconsciousness.

    Kazz awoke after what seemed to be an eternity later. He didn’t understand how his body and his mind where still alive. He swore that substance had completely destroyed the inside of his body, and was shocked that he was actually able to wake up. His body however, was completely numb. He was able to see, in a blurry mess, his arms moving, but he could not feel them moving. It took Kazz a second to realize that the same man who injected him was standing above him, observing his every move. He also noticed that every 3 seconds or so, a red glare would engulf the entire room and the vibrations of an alarm blaring reached him every time red tint filled the room. Kazz couldn’t hear the alarm, as he couldn’t hear anything else, but he was sure that he was in danger. His vision finally cleared up and he was able to see the face of his injector, and to his surprise he looked fairly…normal. Charasmatic even. Behind his jet black bangs that covered his forehead where deep brown eyes that seemed friendly at the most. Kazz could see that he was moving his lips with his eyes shifting from side to side, and that he was clearly telling him something, but he couldn’t hear a word he was speaking. The man rose a hand covered in a black glove to his chest, and took out a scroll from a pocket on the right hand side of his black lab coat and layed the scroll on the chest of Kazz. Still looking at the face of the man, Kazz could see that his mouth opened a little more and could see his eyes and face muscles tense. Kazz’s hearing was just coming back to him, and was able to hear the man scream in a high voice words that he could not understand, along with a loud low pitch sound travel in all directions as a white portal opened up across his chest. Kazz lifted his head to see exactly what the hell was going on, and was scared out of his mind. He began to struggle against the braces that trapped him on the table he lay on, but found no use in trying to break free. Everything began to be engulfed in a brilliant white light, and he could feel himself disappearing. The man spoke the last words he would have heard for over five years. If it weren’t for these words, his willpower to survive the quest he was about to embark on would have never developed. The final words he heard where,

    “Things seem bleak! But don’t worry, fate has good things in store for you. Keep pushing and find yourself, and build up hope, making sure to never lose it. With hope you WILL succeed!”

    Kazz woke up freed from the table that rendered him powerless. The pain from the injection was still there, but he could, yet again, feel, smell, taste, see and hear with his full ability. The world around him however was seeped in darkness, and nothing could be seen in site. Out of nowhere, a dark green sign flashed above the head. It blinded Kazz for a split second, but he then was able to read what the sign said. He gasped in a breath of panic, and he took a step backward, shocked by what he was reading.



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    Re: Maplestory - The Prophecy Remastered!

    Post by Danneh on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:27 pm

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