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    Good lawd, you guys still do this?


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    Good lawd, you guys still do this?

    Post by Gracinii on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:38 pm

    Out of curiosity, I looked up my name and HOLYSHIT did this thing pop up like 40 times.
    And again, out of curiosity, did I come to see if anyone even bothered with here, surprising.
    What have y'all been doing?
    I mean seriously.

    I took a long time to over come most of my depression, its still there no doubt, but a little more controlled,
    I still have my little bouts of suicide attempts when things get REALLY tough, and it can be hard to get back out of it, but thankfully I have my babies to help me do just that.

    My 6 year old, Sylvester, surely most of you should remember him.

    Iris, his baby sister, they are truly inseparable, she is a pedigree Bombay.

    Bella, such a sweetheart, also pedigree Bombay.



    Morgon, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, will immediately go from loving on you, to scratching the hell out of you, but he typically knows when his attacks are about to happen, and puts himself in time out.





    Juliet and daisy, randomly showed up on my porch one day, been here ever since.


    Bubby, he had no feet when I found him squirming around on the ground in the garden.

    Leo, was stuck in an electrical outlet.

    Rainmaker, fell on my lap when a bird dropped him.

    River, my water dragon, was going to be killed for being too 'dangerous', so I rescued her.

    My giant catfish! <3

    And the family continues to grow.

    I'm currently in classes working my way to becoming a veterinarian,
    And I've continued my art, as shown.

    It's not easy, my NF2 has taken a fall into worsening symptoms, I cannot hold anything in my right hand for more than a few moments before it starts hurting so bad I wanna cry, which makes drawing, eating, drinking and anything else I use my right hand for, almost impossible to bear.

    My PCOS has caused me a recent miscarriage, it was saddening, very much so, but at least I was not far enough along to know I was pregnant in the first place, and only learned when I went to the hospital for severe bleeding, it crushed me, but at least I was not in the knowledge to expect anything, so the loss was taken a bit easier than it would have been if I had known about the pregnancy, but I have realized that the chances of a successful carriage will be near impossible.

    I've learned to be far more forgiving than I ever have been, something one must learn to do when dealing with certain things, some things I cannot forgive, but for the most part, I do,
    I've lost a lot of friends, purely to them just being annoyed with me because I have a very... persistent personality, I guess you could say, and some blowing up on me over something I said that meant nothing, which is where needing to forgive comes in, because even though they yelled at me for something I did not mean, I know where they are coming from.

    Hard to believe I turn 21 in less than 4 months, time sure flies huh?
    I can still vividly remember most of the original forum escapades, some not so favorable, some I'm very fond of, all of them from a time long, long ago.

    This should remind quite a few people of some of those moments, and yes, this actually IS a real place.

    I figured that this is a big enough wall of text to keep y'all informed, if you wanna talk to me on a more regular basis, add me on Skype: Psicotici, or email me at

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    Re: Good lawd, you guys still do this?

    Post by Werguild. on Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:51 pm

    You've lived a life since we last met, more so than I can ever have experienced...

    Don't be a stranger, leave your stories here every once in a while. Be assured at least one person will be reading them.

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    Re: Good lawd, you guys still do this?

    Post by Danneh on Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:38 pm

    And this is why I always poke my head in here every now and then; I usually find or see something interesting whenever I look. Be it one of Samuel's drunken tangents or just someone I haven't seen in a while.

    I was actually thinking about you the other day, you know. Glad to see you're holding out okay. You also have a lot of cats. Like, more cats than I have. And I thought I had a lot of cats...

    I think I'll try dropping you a line, just to catch up on a few things with you.

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    Re: Good lawd, you guys still do this?

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